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Adorable and handy

The box closes thouroughly, the wipes do not dry out and the lid can be opened and closed by one press of the finger, so you can hold your baby safe with your other hand. And...the funkybox comes in many lovely colors with the most adorable prints....

Last but not least; the box is made of recyclable material and is 100% recyclable.

The wipes box

Sustainable & multi purpose


One can use this box from newborn through to toddlers and beyond.Use it during potty training, put it on the table while having dinner or during playing. Your toddlers would love to clean their own hands and mouths as the Funkybox makes this so very easy. And finally, to really convince you of the sustainability, use the box in the kitchen and fill it with multi purpose cleaning wipes.

De funkybox is gemaakt van gerecycled materiaal en 100% recyclebaar. 

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