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funky box


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The birth of the Funkybox

For our design team it was a big challenge to come up with the perfect wipes box. As this little box, that is usually placed on the changing table, had to be practical, easy to use, sustainable, the wipes should not dry out, it should not be made of fabric (gets dirty too quickly) and also very important; it should be a very looking too.

After a while the Funkybox was born, and we think it worked out well if we may say ourselves.

The box closes thouroughly, the wipes do not dry out and the lid can be opened and closed by one press of the finger, so you can hold your baby safe with your other hand. And...the funkybox comes in many lovely colors with the most adorable prints....

One can use this box from newborn through to toddlers and beyond.

Use it during potty training, put it on the table while having dinner or during playing. Your toddlers would love to clean their own hands and mouths as the Funkybox makes this so very easy. And finally, to really convince you of the sustainability, put the box in the kitchen and fill it with cleaning wipes.  

Last but not least; the box is made of recyclable material and is 100% recyclable.

Sale of the Funkybox

The Funkybox is sold in many stores and webshops in many countries.

If you are looking for a sellingpoint, or if you would like to sell the Funkybox in your webshop or store, please contact us at

Send an email or a chat and you will receive a message back as soon as possible. 

funky box to go

The Funkybox to go is a smaller size of the Funkybox. Super handy to take with you everywhere.

Keep one in the car, in your hand bag or diaper bag, at the bottom of the pram, wherever. From the original wipes packaging you can just take some tissues and put them in the box.

You are ready to go!

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A little extra luck for your baby's room...


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